Dildos, also known as sextoy, now come in many shapes and colours. They offer stronger and more intense sensations for an orgasm that will make you lose your mind.

Whether you want to play alone or with a partner, they provide the sexual emancipation and liberation you need.

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  • Brown Realistic Dildo - 20 cm


    For those who love strong sensations, here is a quality dildo with generous dimensions. Thanks to it, your moments of intimate play are likely to take on another dimension...

    With a well pronounced tassel and an incredible realism you will love its texture as well as the visual which will quickly raise the temperature.

    Its generous shape is rather adapted for vaginal penetration but why not try an anal penetration for strong and new sensations.

    The powerful suction cup at the base of the dildo allows you to attach it to almost any smooth surface and use it while leaving your hands completely free, allowing you to vary the positions.

  • Realistic Dildo - 16 cm


    If you are a fan of new sensations then this dildo is what you need...

    This sextoy will meet all your expectations whether for vaginal or anal penetration. With a well pronounced glans and an incredible realism you will certainly love it.

    Its texture and visuals will quickly raise the temperature and it has a powerful suction cup at its base that allows you to attach it to almost any smooth surface while keeping your hands completely free.

  • Realistic Dildo Double...


    The SilexD brand offers you a range of dildos with an ultra-soft, high-quality silicone skin with a double-density SILEXPAN filling and a hard inner core, for an extremely realistic sensation and an incomparable pleasure experience. The revolutionary patented SILEXPAN formula that is used to fill our products allows for greater density and elasticity.

    This dildo is phthalate-free, latex-free and safe for the body. It is hypoallergenic, non-porous and easy to clean.

    Its size is sure to give you a lot of pleasure. A spectacular sextoy with a fantastic texture where every detail is perfectly represented.

  • Gode réaliste avec...


    Amatrices et amateurs de sensations intenses, ce dildo répondra à toutes vos attentes. Ce godemichet est la réplique d'une verge aux dimensions généreuses, avec des détails tels que des veines marquées et un gland bien prononcé. De plus ce gode réaliste est équipé d'une puissante ventouse, qui vous permettra de l'utiliser tout en laissant vos mains totalement libres.

  • Gode Ventouse réaliste...


    Ces dimensions généreuses vous séduiront à coup sur, aussi bien pour la pénétration vaginale que la pénétration anale. Son aspect réaliste fera vite monter l’excitation en vous. Le gland et les veines apparentes bien marquées vous procureront encore plus de sensations lors de chaque pénétration. La puissante ventouse de ce gode située à sa base, vous permettra de le coller sur pratiquement n’importe quelle surface lisse et de l'utiliser tout en laissant vos mains totalement libres vous permettant ainsi de varier les positions.